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Outlaw Dirty Money Constitutional Amendment 

The Outlaw Dirty Money Headquarters is located at 747 W Roosevelt St., Phoenix 85007. Parking is off Roosevelt, immediately west of 7th ave on the SW corner.
Hours - Notary Present Sun July 1: 9am - 5pm Mon July 2: 9am - 7pm Tues July 3: 9am - 7pm Wed July 4: 9am - Midight Thurs July 5: 8am - Noon
Outlaw Dirty Money is a statewide, grassroots, nonpartisan group of concerned Arizona citizens. We are organizing to get the Stop Political Money Constitutional Amendment on the 2018 ballot. Powerful, wealthy people and corporations
Educators in Arizona took a courageous stand when they walked out of their classrooms and into the streets to rally at the state Capitol in Phoenix to demand that elected officials provide adequate funding for Arizona’s public schools. 

In response, Gov. Doug Ducey and the Arizona state Legislature passed a disappointing budget package that was more of a down payment than a legitimate source of revenue to fund a quality public education system for years to come.

Arizona students are paying the price for lawmakers’ abandonment of the mainstream value of a quality public education. When you


April 25, 2018

PEORIA, Ariz.—The Arizona American Federation of Teachers offered a realistic plan today to pay for additional school funding and much-needed pay raises for teachers and other school staff. 

Since 2008, Arizona has cut $1.5 billion in education funding. To restore those massive cuts and create a continuous revenue stream for funding public schools and educators’ salary hikes, the union recommends a 2.5 percent tax on services, such as haircuts, legal services and other consulting services. It would raise an estimated $2.65



 Can You Hear Us Now? 

Arizona’s educators can no longer stand for the shameful funding of public education that is selling short the future of every child in our state. Funding for our public schools is $950 million below where it stood in 2008, when a decade of inflation is taken into account. 


When Arizona’s children are short-changed nearly a BILLION DOLLARS, these are the results: textbooks that are 25 years old, roofs that leak, school restrooms without toilet paper, rodents scampering through hallways, class sizes of as many as 40 students, outdated technology, inadequate support staff


Pendergast Federation of School Employees (AFT) members have been rallying the teachers, staff, community, and district for a Day of Action at the Arizoan State Capitol. They have begun a district-wide petition with their local PTAs to petition the district's school board for support in closing the entire district down for one day. AFT-AZ supports the demands of the teachers, staff and community members who are willing to go down to the state Capitol to take a stand and express their frustrations for the lack of school funding! We encourage the citizens of Arizona to join PFSE and the AFT-AZ


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK—Statement by Ed Allen, president of the Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers which represents 2,600 Oklahoma City public school teachers, on the Oklahoma House of Representatives’ bill to raise teacher salaries by an average of $6,000, which would be paid by, among other sources, raising the gross production tax on oil and gas to 5 percent, a 3 cent-a-gallon tax on gasoline purchases, and a $5-per-night tax on hotel and motel stays. 

“We’re gratified that legislators listened to teachers’ voices and their stories about how their salaries were not a livable wage and