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The Next Step for #RedForEd in Arizona

Educators in Arizona took a courageous stand when they walked out of their classrooms and into the streets to rally at the state Capitol in Phoenix to demand that elected officials provide adequate funding for Arizona’s public schools. 

In response, Gov. Doug Ducey and the Arizona state Legislature passed a disappointing budget package that was more of a down payment than a legitimate source of revenue to fund a quality public education system for years to come.

Arizona students are paying the price for lawmakers’ abandonment of the mainstream value of a quality public education. When you shortchange children’s education, you are shortchanging their future opportunities.

Stand in solidarity with the educators by — sending a message to Gov. Ducey and the Arizona state Legislature right now. Tell them we need lawmakers in office who will prioritize funding for public education.

If Arizona lawmakers don’t follow through on their end of the bargain and provide increased funding for Arizona public schools, we’ll vote them out. 

We must elect lawmakers who understand that new revenue is required so that students have textbooks, teachers have curriculum, arts and special education programs are restored, children have fully funded all-day kindergarten, teachers want to stay and teach in Arizona, and all students and school employees have safe and modern schools.

We walked in April, and we will remember in November. They have until then to show us where they stand.

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