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Check your ballot one more time and make sure you voted "NO" on Prop 305. If you're going to the polls next Tuesday, don't forget to mark "NO."
Voting NO will keep hundreds of millions of dollars in our public schools every year. Our taxpayer dollars belong in public schools where our teachers make a difference every day. To support teachers, classrooms, and kids, vote NO on Proposition 305. 
Please forward this message and this graphic to friends and family! 
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Outlaw Dirty Money Constitutional Amendment 

The Outlaw Dirty Money Headquarters is located at 747 W Roosevelt St., Phoenix 85007. Parking is off Roosevelt, immediately west of 7th ave on the SW corner.
Hours - Notary Present Sun July 1: 9am - 5pm Mon July 2: 9am - 7pm Tues July 3: 9am - 7pm Wed July 4: 9am - Midight Thurs July 5: 8am - Noon
Outlaw Dirty Money is a statewide, grassroots, nonpartisan group of concerned Arizona citizens. We are organizing to get the Stop Political Money Constitutional Amendment on the 2018 ballot. Powerful, wealthy people and corporations


April 25, 2018

PEORIA, Ariz.—The Arizona American Federation of Teachers offered a realistic plan today to pay for additional school funding and much-needed pay raises for teachers and other school staff. 

Since 2008, Arizona has cut $1.5 billion in education funding. To restore those massive cuts and create a continuous revenue stream for funding public schools and educators’ salary hikes, the union recommends a 2.5 percent tax on services, such as haircuts, legal services and other consulting services. It would raise an estimated $2.65


The Arizona Federation of Teachers is dedicated to putting in place EFFECTIVE RESEARCHED-BASED alternative to suspension measures at all levels of a child's education. The school-to-prison pipeline is spreading throughout the urban environment and there are far too many inexperienced teachers and administrators unwilling or unable to effectively intervene in a student's life before it is too late. Our legislation makes sure measures are put into place and protects those willing to intervene effectively with alternatives to suspension programs and placement. It's time to mandate these

The Arizona Federation of Teachers says school districts across the state are starting another year with inadequate funding and a shortage of qualified teachers. (AlexBrylov/iStockphoto)
August 10, 2016

PHOENIX - Despite an infusion of extra money approved by voters, a teachers' group said Arizona students heading back to classes this week are still being shortchanged. The Arizona Federation of Teachers said deep budget cuts by lawmakers have left the education system with inadequate funding and a shortage of qualified teachers, particularly hurting lower-income students in public schools. 



AFT-Arizona/Arizona Federation of Teachers

Vote No Prop 123


Arizona schools are suffering from a combination of lower public investment, higher child poverty and rising enrollments. This is the result of a multiyear effort by Republicans and allies like the Goldwater Institute to cut taxes for the rich in a manner that forces schools to make tough choices while the state’s richest households do better than ever.

Governor Ducey’s Proposition 123 provides some additional funding for schools, but that funding is inadequate, comes at the cost of endangering the State Land Trust and would