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AFT-AZ Is Fighting for Educators and Students at the Legislative Level

The Arizona Federation of Teachers is dedicated to putting in place EFFECTIVE RESEARCHED-BASED alternative to suspension measures at all levels of a child's education. The school-to-prison pipeline is spreading throughout the urban environment and there are far too many inexperienced teachers and administrators unwilling or unable to effectively intervene in a student's life before it is too late. Our legislation makes sure measures are put into place and protects those willing to intervene effectively with alternatives to suspension programs and placement. It's time to mandate these interventions and to have consequences for those reluctnat or opposed to intervening appropriately. We MUST do more to effectively protect educators and students within the classroom environment and school community before it is to late! Our students and teachers deserve more than ineffective or nonexistent behavior interventions by an increasingly misguided staff that is culturally unaware of the needs of the students within their four walls.  Join the AFT-AZ in our fight to do more than just talk; it's time to endorse REAL change!

Below, you will find the link for AFT-AZ's draft bill of the ARS 15-841. We are lobbying at the AZ State Capitol looking for members of Congress who are brave enough to stand behind and support these amendments that protect educators and students.


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